Custom Yoga Sequence (3 sessions)

Custom Yoga Sequence (3 sessions)


3 personalized sessions, one-on-one with Emily to create your Custom Yoga Sequence.

You'll get:

*tailored care to address your specific condition, injury, aspiration or idea

*a printable PDF with images (of you!) and descriptions of each yoga pose, practice or exercise including timing and how-to

*follow-up check-ins with Emily for up to 6 months (you choose the frequency!) Additional sessions can be added as well.

*VIP access (sounds fancy) for questions and support all along the way and after.


I am eager to meet you wherever you are and build some yoga that works with your life and deepest desires. Improved mobility, practices to combat stress, ways to find deep calm -- these can all integrate into a self-sustaining, lifelong practice and I am excited to help get you on that path. Message me with any questions. 


Buying this as a gift? Please message me with a description of who this is for and we can work together for delivery.